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Signage needed

The Editor,

I am a teacher at Wakefield School and a resident of Wakefield. I grew up here and moved back 11 years ago to raise my family. I am lucky enough to live near the Wakefield covered bridge.

Most locals no longer use the rock; there is garbage, broken glass, and loud music. The culture of the rock has changed. While we still observe some families and quieter visitors, the reputation of the space is that of a party space.

The noise is inconvenient, the other behaviours, fireworks, open alcohol, reckless motor vehicles around inexperienced swimmers, is dangerous. I wrote to the municipality a couple of months ago expressing my concern. The answer I received was the one that I received before: ‘When you see something, call the police."

Yesterday, I found myself sitting on my neighbour’s steps, as I had done five years ago, watc