• Stuart Benson

Smash and dash in Alcove

Driver hides after crashing into business

*Editors Note: This article was modified from its original format, 4:01 p.m. Feb. 2, 2021,*

A trail of footprints in the snow led MRC des Collines Police right to the spot where a suspect had attempted to hide in the woods after crashing his car into the side of Ryan’s Garage and Towing in Alcove on Jan. 26.

A 29-year-old Gracefield man crashed his car into the side of Ryan’s Garage and Towing in Alcove on Jan. 26 then attempted to evade MRC des Collines Police after a Hwy 105 chase, according to police. Photo courtesy Ryan’s Garage

According to police, the 29-year old man from Gracefield had attempted to outrun an officer after being clocked speeding at approximately 1:20 p.m. that afternoon, heading south on Hwy 105.

An employee of the garage, who spoke to The Low Down on condition of anonymity, said he witnessed the crash and believes the driver was attempting to turn onto Chemin des Êrables, but due to his speed, missed the turn. The driver then attempted to cut through the garage’s parking lot but crashed into the side of the building.

“I was right on the other side of the wall that he smashed into, so I went to the window and saw that the car was on the side of the wall and I saw the driver run-off,” the employee explained. “I saw the cop cars go by, so I ran back in and called 911 to tell him where he was headed.”

The employee said he believed that if the suspect’s speed hadn’t caused him to crash, he might have gotten away, considering how much of a lead he had on the officers and the fact that they drove right past the garage without noticing the crash. Fortunately, once the police did arrive, it was simply a matter of pointing out the footprints in the snow leading directly from the vehicle to the woods where the driver had attempted to hide from police behind a tree — “with his boots and part of his coat clearly visible,” according to police.

Police said the suspect was known to police but offered no resistance when arrested. The man was charged with flight, dangerous driving and obstruction. The police would not release the identity of the driver.

In addition to criminal charges, the driver was ticketed for hit-and-run, speeding and for driving with a suspended license. Prior to the Jan. 26 incident, the man was wanted by police in relation to an earlier arrest warrant.

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