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Tax those Sunwing tourists!

The Editor,

Hmmm, I had to think about that one for a moment. Tourism, aye, (“Chelsea mulls tourism tax for extra revenue” Low Down, Jan. 24 edition). I get it – all those Sunwing flights keep coming into the Chelsea airport to see and experience the 1,000 Chelsea falls, which are the focal migration point of the northern penguin's monthly homing ritual. 

Hey, who’s kidding who? C’mon, get that tourism tax going. What the heck? Maybe even put a toll on the Old Chelsea Road intersections with a tip basket for the intersection road coordinators.

Jeesh, council, stop kidding us. Perhaps a lottery might be a solution, or perhaps a charge for those missing 2024 calendars that every household needs to be able to predict their weekly garbage, green box and compost days.

But really! I know council was just practising for April 1 – and you got us on that one.

Fred Ferguson

Chelsea, QC


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