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Teachers on strike Nov. 6

All schools, transportation and daycares across the Western Quebec School Board will be closed Nov. 6, as teachers and professionals walk out on the job for a one-day strike action.

The strike is taking place across many school boards across the province, as public sector workers throughout Quebec – all unions that fall under the Common Front, which represents some 420,000 public sector workers – will be on the picket lines.

Teachers are asking for a below-inflation increase of nine per cent over three years. The government has offered a nine per cent increase, but over five years, and teachers say they are “frustrated” over being undervalued, overworked and underpaid. “We are frustrated that society has allowed teachers to be undervalued and vilified by our government,” wrote long-time local teacher Jen Bardell, who penned an open letter to politicians and residents to support teachers. “We are frustrated by the impossible expectations placed on our shoulders and the lack of qualified support in our classrooms…We are frustrated to be among the lowest-paid teachers in the country with no dental insurance, no personal days, and only six sick days per year. We are frustrated that Quebec’s politicians just voted to give themselves a 30 per cent raise but are refusing to grant us a below-inflation increase of nine per cent over three years.” The Nov. 6 strike will last all day at all WQSB schools.

Classes will resume for all WQSB schools on Nov. 7.


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