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The Liberal stance on Bill 96

Together, we have built a society rooted in our belief that everyone who calls Québec home can contribute and share in its development. For Liberals, diversity is a strength and a value, not a weakness. But François Legault does not share our view. Rather than building bridges, his focus has been on sowing division. Nothing exemplifies this better than Bill 96.

Under the guise of promoting and protecting French – an objective we all share – Mr. Legault pushed forward measures that are detrimental to Quebec’s social cohesion and economic well-being. Bill 96 completely misses the mark in promoting French, while also going too far in abrogating rights and freedoms. It is deeply flawed in a myriad of ways. Undoubtedly, because Bill 96 violates both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as Quebec’s own Charter, the CAQ has blocked legitimate access to court challenges by preemptively and indiscriminately imposing the notwithstanding clause. This is why we voted against Bill 96 in the National Assembly, just as we voted against Bill 40 and Bill 21.

As outlined in our Liberal platform, we voted against Bill 96 and we will fix it:

  • Repeal the notwithstanding clause;