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  • Stuart Benson

‘The worst is still yet to come’

MRC des Collines now in the red zone

The MRC des Collines was placed into the ‘red’ for COVID-19, which is the province’s level 4 maximum alert designation, on Oct. 10, ushering in a fresh round of lockdown measures due to an increasing number of new cases and outbreaks in the region.

The designation is also intended to discourage an influx of travellers from Ottawa to the region, who are affected by Ontario’s new stage 2 restriction.

(From left) ‘Sandwichist’ Tom Werbo and co-owner Jeff Hardill outside Kaffé 1870 in Wakefield on Oct. 12 have gotten pretty good at adapting to the ever-changing rules and restrictions. In August, after a preemptive closure over a possible COVID-19 contact at the Village House and a broken freezer that cost them $1,000 in lost food, Kaffé 1870 launched their “real-deal, high quality” deli-sandwich menu, lovingly-designed and made by Werbo himself, including meatballs and pork and in-house smoked meat. Stuart Benson photo