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Then, now, future

The Editor,

When I was seven years old, COVID-19 didn’t exist.

Growing up in Wakefield in the 70s was very different: Hillcrest was an empty open field; the Havre Wakefield was a wetland; going to Lac Philippe was free and not crowded; I lived on Rockhurst and we used to go into the “Hundred Acre Wood” to play.

Now, I live on Lewis and I walk in those woods every day since COVID struck. I think about my niece, who is six, and whose face clouds over when she is asked not to go so close to her grandmother. And how powerless we all feel because of COVID.

I think about the future we are leaving for our kids, and I think about how blessed we are to live in this little gem of a village. I think about things I ‘can’ do. And I think about the links between COVID and the importance of the protection of nature and biodiversity.