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  • Trevor Greenway

‘There are no daycares left in the village’

Most pregnant women use the 12-week milestone to tell family and friends their great news.

But Jackie Hansen was too busy in June looking for a daycare spot online to share with others that she was expecting.

Fast forward to today, and she said she still has no answers.

“It’s totally bonkers. It is so different than a decade ago,” said Hansen about the lack of daycare spots. She admitted that, while it was difficult to find daycare 10 years ago for her oldest child, it was never this bad.

“There are no daycares left in the village.”

Hansen’s now four-month-old baby Théo is on several waiting lists for daycares in the Hills that go into 2023, but Hansen has no idea if a spot will open up when she goes back to work in November. She says that, despite the federal government’s announcement to transfer $6 billion to Quebec for childcare, she isn’t seeing the money translate into local services.