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Time for a freeze on Wakefield development

Is it time to declare a moratorium on developments similar to the project on Chemin Elmdale in the Municipality of La Pêche, or at least in Wakefield?

In my opinion, the proposed Devcore project (Hamilton’s Gardens condo project near Valley Drive and Riverside Drive) should not be allowed to go ahead as planned. It should be sent back to the drawing board and planning process immediately and should be required to meet "green" and sustainable standards. If sustainable building standards do not exist in La Pêche, the municipality needs to get busy and create them as part of its fight against climate change.

A building permit for a house is good for one year; should the same not apply to developments? They have done nothing for how many years? Make them start again from scratch.

Allowing one small house per quarter-acre with a sewer connection could allow new maximum densification and a minimum of 20 per c