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Tune in to Wakefield’s newest radio station

Want to hear the best of what Wakefield has to offer? Then tune in to the brand new WKFLD Wakefield Community Radio.

The station streamed its first 45-minute “broadcast” on April 9, according to station co-founder and Edelweiss resident Dale Kerr.

“I think this is going to be something great for the community, especially now that no one’s gathering … We’re a community that likes to be together,” Kerr said.

And that’s what this station plans to do, bring together the best of what Wakefield has to offer and broadcast it for the world to see.

WKFLD Wakefield Community Radio co-founder Dale Kerr doing the first segment in the closed Wakefield Community Centre on April 9. Photo courtesy Dale Kerr

“It’s truly community radio. Everyone in our community has a story to tell and we want them to have a platform,” Kerr said.

The station features local musical acts, arts, entertainment, news, storytellers, and wants to partner with Theatre Wakefield, Kerr said.

“We’re feverishly pulling content together,” he said.

Despite having licensing to play commercial music, Kerr said there’s so much talent living in these Gatineau Hills that he just wants to play local music.

People who want to be a part of the station, have their work featured, or suggest a topic can reach out through its Facebook page “WKFLD - Wakefield Community Radio.”

Kerr said he was inspired to start the station by seeing the banter on the “Wakefield Folks” Facebook group before even moving to the area.

“It’s a really connected community,” he said. “It’s just screaming for community radio.”

Then, after further inspiration from the CKCU radio stream from the Earle’s Hall above Kaffe 1870 in fall 2019, he put heads together with Elizabeth Logue, who’s practically part of every Wakefield event and organization, about starting WKFLD.

“Community radio has been a dream of mine for a while. I used to be involved in community radio in Dawson City, Yukon many years ago and then we started talking about it through Earles Hall Collective,” Logue wrote in an email.

“Liz and I have good chemistry, good banter,” Kerr said.

And it’s not just a two-person show, Kerr thanked Jack Pelletier who works more behind the scenes to curate local music.

While the station isn’t on the airwaves, people can tune in online. For more information, visit “WKFLD - Wakefield Community Radio” on facebook.com.

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