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  • Trevor Greenway

Violent crash leaves Hills driver in hospital

A 19-year-old Gatineau Hills driver is in hospital after he allegedly sped through the village and collided with another vehicle in a violent crash Dec. 8.

The crash happened just after 7 p.m. on Riverside Drive. Witnesses said they saw a silver Honda Civic speeding through the village before it slammed into a black BMW near the green train bridge. The other vehicle’s driver, 62-year-old Michael Ross, sustained minor injuries in the crash.

“The car hit me on the driver’s side and all the airbags deployed,” said a shaken Ross, just one day after the accident. “I did not hear any screeching of brakes on his part. The impact was violent enough that, if the side airbag had not deployed, my head would have hit the side window and I would have sustained a severe head injury.”

Ross said he has some bruising and some chest pain, but the emotional toll the crash took on his mental state has been far more severe than his physical injuries.

“I immediately was in shock more than fear,” said Ross. “I spent most of the night replaying the incident and understanding how much worse it could have been.”

According to MRC des Collines Police, the 19-year-old man was ejected from his car and taken to hospital, where he was initially listed in critical condition. His condition has been upgraded to stable, according to police spokesperson Josée Forest. Police said that alcohol and speed were factors in the crash, and charges are expected for the 19-year-old, who is recovering in hospital.