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  • Trevor Greenway

Wakefield Rink Rats a band of hosers, eh

How a group of volunteers beat COVID blues

While most of us were locked inside our homes in early January, adhering to the province’s COVID curfew, the Wakefield Rink Rats were free to roam the night.

Armed with shovels, scrapers, a giant water hose, and, of course, a few cold ones, Patrick Poitras and his crew of dedicated ice makers took to the night – every night – maintaining the Wakefield rink outside the village community centre.

“I have a good team this year,” said Poitras, explaining that the Rink Rats – Cyrus Kuhzarani, Dirk Nielsen, Eric Seguin, Christophe Legault and Louis-Pierre Bergeron – were exempted from the province-wide curfew.

Dirk Nielsen sprays some water on the Wakefield rink Jan. 19, while his fellow Rink Rats, from left, Louis-Pierre Bergeron, Patrick Poitras, Cyrus Kuhzarani and Eric Seguin, conduct a safety meeting in the background. Not pictured is Rink Rat Christophe Legault. Trevor Greenway photo