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Wakefield Spring closed until further notice

The Wakefield Spring is closed until further notice after water tests revealed bacteria contamination. As a precautionary measure, residents who have filled up at the spring since Nov. 9 are to boil the water for at least one minute before consuming. Trevor Greenway photo

The Wakefield spring is closed until further notice and La Pêche has issued a boil water advisory for anyone who has taken water from the source since Nov. 9

According to the municipality, water tests at the spring on Nov. 30 have revealed a bacteria contamination that has rendered it "not drinkable."

As a precautionary measure, residents who have taken water from the Spring since Nov. 9 – the last time tests at the spring came back clear – are being urged to not consume the water unless it is boiled for at least one minute.

Another test at the spring will be conducted in the coming days, which will determine the next steps. Meanwhile, the spring remains closed until further notice.


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