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Water access for the fortunate few

The Editor,

As an active resident of Wakefield for over 16 years, I am clear about what brought my family and business to this region: clean, fresh, accessible water. Over the years, I have witnessed “secret” swim spots be developed, fenced or made inaccessible. I wonder, is this place only for the rich? Is the water only for those who can afford a second home on the lake? How long before there is no more public access to swim and experience wild water? The Wakefield I love has places for everyone to enjoy the water, but now it is becoming reserved for the lucky few – often people who don’t reside here and only visit a few weekends a year. Shame! We all know deep inside that water is a precious shared resource, and we do harm to future generations by allowing it to be the exclusive property of the fortunate few. I call on our community to push for more safe and free access to this precious resource. More public docks, more beaches and access points. It’s time to talk about who this place is for – the rich few or us all?

Kalina Ostrowska

Wakefield, QC


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