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We got a makeover!

Nothing like a big milestone birthday to make you feel a half-century old and in need of a refresher in the looks department. 

This week we bring you our fresh new look. What do you think?

It’s been 20 years since we’ve done a redesign (the last one in 2004 was crafted by Wakefield’s Andrew Peck), and we felt that a makeover was past due. 

So here it is! Besides having a more contemporary look and feel, a lot of thought and planning went into improving our pages for organization of information, readability and general navigation. The talented and experienced Aleksandra Gniazdowska, a Hills resident and professional graphic designer of many years, is the brains and creative eye behind our redesign. She’s worked for years with the Low Down on various projects and knows our personality and our approach to news. 

When asked to sum up our new look in a few words, she put it this way: “highly impactful in its simplicity” and “Brutalist Modern” (referring to the aptly punchy architecture style of the mid-twentieth century, and not the publisher’s management style).

And for the typography nerds (you are reading a print newspaper, so we know you are out there!), here’s the inside scoop on body text font: it’s called Worldwide by Nick Shinn, the Toronto designer who crafted typefaces for many major publications, most notably The Globe and Mail. Other fonts on our redesign pages include Antonio and Chivo; all these typefaces were chosen primarily because they are clear and easy on the eyes in print, but they translate well online. 

And yes, an overhaul of our website is also in the works. Anyone who has ever created or significantly updated a commercial website knows that these things never launch when planned – but it’s coming. And with the changes to our website, we’ll also be trying out some other fancy new things practised by more modern media such as “auto renewal” of subscription payments! I know! Be still your beating hearts; we can hear your gasps of amazement as we finally move into the twenty-first century. (Don’t worry, we will still take care of all the old-school die-hards who won’t want to use the “interweb” to plug in their credit card information. We’ll remind you with a phone call by a real person or our signature smiley-face drawing in pen on your subscription label.)

We hope you like our makeover as much as we do. We’d like to thank Aleks for making us feel fresh and young again without any Botox, and Canadian Heritage, who funded our redesign through its Business Innovation program.

Let us know what you think – send your thoughts to:


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