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We need this café open

The Editor,

I read with dismay the article “Bluebarn may close before they open” (The Low Down, Oct. 28). Bluebarn had applied to the municipality for a license to have 18 tables and 18 parking spaces for their new, much-needed café at the old Wakefield library (and previous firehall) site.

The municipality, for so-called environmental reasons, will now only give him a license for five tables and will not allow for an outside patio area because the newly and beautifully created paved area out in the front is too close to the sidewalk! And the little creek in the back of their property is well back and there is ample area to park several cars there.

How is parking a car detrimental to the creek? For what possible “environmental” reason would one not be able to park there? Will a sudden flash flood of the creek wash away the cars a la Japanese tsunami?

The owners have spent considerable money making what was an eyesore into a beautiful location. We need this café open.

To the mayor and the councillors of La Pêche: please approve the full 18 spaces that this business needs to survive.

Bob LeBlanc

Wakefield, QC


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