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We need to be trail custodians

The Editor,

The Chelsea community trail has already enriched our lives in many ways. The new Code of Conduct for trail users offers a sensible and useful guide on how to share this precious community resource. Unfortunately there are those who act as if the rules do not apply to them: some dogs are allowed to run free; speeding cyclists intimidate pedestrians; sometimes litter (and poop) is left behind.

I don’t think that “just letting it go” – as someone might argue – is a viable option, as people have already been frightened by dogs on the loose, we have seen the poop bags left, and I have heard of some near accidents with high-speed cyclists.

If we do not want to cede the trail to selfish scofflaws, we should think of ourselves as more than trail users, but as trail custodians. That creates an obligation for us to speak up (if we feel safe in doing so) or take photos, even perhaps call the police.

To preserve and cherish the trail, we need to act together as a community.

David Beattie Farm Point, QC


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