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Where is our MNA Robert Bussière on Bill 21?

Gatineau MNA Robert Bussière

Where is our MNA Robert Bussière?

The Gatineau MNA has refused to comment on Bill 21, specifically the case involving Chelsea Elementary teacher Fatemeh Anvari, who was banned from teaching her Grade 3 class on Dec. 1 for wearing a hijab. The Low Down has received comment from the Prime Minister’s Office, but Bussiere has said little on the matter.

The story, broken by the Low Down, made international headlines, with every major news outlet in the country running Anvari’s story, including Maclean’s and Reuters. It’s arguably the biggest story to break in Bussière’s riding since he was sworn in in 2018, and still he refuses to provide an answer to his constituents.

The Low Down reached out to Bussière’s office six times since Dec. 8 and finally received a response Dec. 13 that stated: “Bill 21 was passed over two years ago and the Western Quebec School Board was aware of this law. Mr. Bussière has no further comments.


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