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Will Amos remain silent about 134 homes in Gatineau Park?

The Editor,

Over the last months, Gatineau Park has attracted wide attention from citizens,

wilderness groups and parliamentarians, which gives hope to all those who care

about its future.

In early June, Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne took part in a guided tour of the

park. On social media, she underlined her concern about the 133 houses built

there since 1992, and she raised a question on this in the Senate on June 25,

arguing that, “Parliament should act by giving Gatineau Park official status

through legislation.” The senator noted that her interest stemmed, in part, from the park’s location in the senatorial division of Inkerman, which she represents. “As a child, I skied and swam there. As a journalist, I cooled my heels at Meech Lake, while

waiting for the premiers and prime minister [during a federal-provincial

conference],” wrote the senator in a Facebook post.