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Winds of change?

The Editor,

According to La Pêche mayoral candidate Luc Richard, he represents a winds of change. I thought that I smelled something, but it was not change, at least not progressive change. Appearing like he may be repurposing his real estate signs, Richard’s countenance can be seen on poles throughout the municipality.

Can a mayor who is a real estate agent really disassociate himself from the many land and property issues that face council, like developments, variances and public works? It’s like leaving the mouse in charge of the cheese.

We need a full-time mayor dedicated to the municipality, without even the hint of conflict of interest. La Pêche is not some hick municipality that can be administered off the corner of a desk. Mr. Richard is a one-issue candidate and his winds of change has a familiar odour.

This is not a pro or anti-ATV issue. Mr. Richard wants to see ATVs and snowmobiles on public roads. We are not anti-ATV. Most of our neighbours have ATVs and are quite content to use them on their farms, in their woodlots and private trails, as both working and recreational vehicles. There are kilometres of private trails and hectares of private land in this municipality for ATVs and snowmobiles; they are allowed to cross public roads to access other private trails.

This is not a French-English issue either.

It is an issue of safety, noise, pollution and the rethinking of recreation in troubled times. Surely supporting a greener kind of tourism is not a bad idea. Richard is wrong in thinking that cross-country skiers and cyclists cannot contribute to economic growth in La Pêche.

Here in the Rupert Va