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Zelo development gets new name, prepares for pre-sales

Artist rendering of the Wakefield Hills development, which will begin phase one of pre-sales at the end of September. Photo courtesy Groupe Zelo

By Stuart Benson

Now that Groupe Zelo has received approval from La Pêche council, Aug. 3, to proceed with the installation of public services for their Elmdale residential project in Wakefield, the real-estate developer is beginning to make preparations for their first round of pre-sales.

“Where we are right now, in terms of infrastructure work, there still needs to be an approval from the minister of environment before infrastructure projects can be conducted, which means, for us, sewage and storm drains,” explained Guillaume Gaboury, Zelo’s associate director of investment management. “There's a three-month delay, so we're waiting on that now.”

Gaboury said once they receive that approval from the minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, the project will still need approval from the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais before work can begin in October. However, Gaboury said that Zelo is planning to begin pre-sales on the first round of 24 homes, out of a total of 56, by the end of September.

Chris Brice, Zelo’s associate director of strategic development, said that sales will be done in two phases, with the second phase beginning in late 2021.

“Once we begin the first phase, we'll also begin our marketing, so we'll have a lot more information on the models, prices, and floor plans,” Brice explained. “All five of the models will be available in the first phase as well.”

Brice added that prices could change between the first and second phases, however, as they’ve seen the market steadily rising in recent months.

Groupe Zelo has also engaged a marketing firm to choose an official name for the project. Previously, the project had been referred to colloquially and officially on the website as ‘Elmdale’ and ‘Le boisé Vorlage’ among others.

“It's not completely a name change because we never really settled on one, to begin with,” explained Brice. “We have a marketing firm that we've engaged and Wakefield Hills is one of the suggestions they gave us that everyone seemed to like best.”

If you’d like more information about the future Wakefield Hills development, you can visit


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