Seeking bare facts turned into slow nudes day in Gatineau Park


by admin on August 18, 2011

I guess they didn't get the memo

By James Farr

They walk among us. Nudists, transgressors of that great taboo, are here with us in our hills. They come clothed in our midst, but every so often they need to let loose. Why? As someone once bastardized Rousseau: “Man is born free and everywhere he is in Hanes.”

We’ve all heard the rumours. Somewhere on Trail 36 in Gatineau Park, down by Meech Lake, people are getting naked. It prompted the Low Down to send its fresh-faced intern deep into the woods Aug. 12 to uncover the nudist Shangri-La and ask the hard questions.

I made my way down the trail that was eerily abandoned for such a beautiful Friday. It was blazingly hot and I had elected, foolishly, to wear a Canadian tuxedo: denim all over. Sweltering like a pig on a spit, I realized that I, too, might become a nudist before the day was through.

After an hour of being lost in the woods, I finally found the right trail. I arrived at an old abandoned mill (known as the Carbide Wilson), and quickly spotted the nudists: one stood in full Edenic glory, perched on a rock among some rapids. Another was disrobing and standing beneath a small waterfall.

I approached the former for an interview, making determined eye contact. He smiled at me in a somewhat predatory way and began rubbing his genitals. Definitely not a good first impression, but once I told him I was a reporter and not a playmate, he failed to rise to the occasion and refused to answer my questions.

The second nudist was much more helpful, and far less creepy. A man in his mid-forties,  who wished to be identified as “Jake,” said he had been coming to this spot since he was 11 years old. According to Jake, it is “the only spot left for skinny-dipping” in the Gatineau.

Jake revealed that it was “mostly men” who go to the mill, but it was often “mixed on weekends.” As for reports that Ottawa homosexuals mostly populate the area, Jake disagreed. “I’m not homosexual, and I come here,” he said.

He did, however, point upward over the ridge and say, “I don’t go up there in the bushes.” The all-important question – “Why?” – was also answered, albeit in a simple way. As Jake reclined beneath a cascade of rushing water, naked as the day he was born, he responded, “Because it’s refreshing!”

As the day wore on, it became clear that it was time for me to go. After my first encounter, I didn’t feel particularly like sticking around after dark. But I would always miss them, these nudists in the mist.

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avatar mac August 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Its absolutely nutty up in some parts of that area in mention. I’ve walked through there with friends and come across 3 men having an orgy of a good time. Another time, I came across one women and 4 men. I heard recently, that one nudist was blaming everyone for masterbating even though they had their cloths on. He was running around like some wild maniac stating that they were in the bush “playing with themsevles”.
I also heard through the grapevine from some other friends in the area that the RCMP are even going in under cover (officers getting nude in the area) to try and attract these wood loving masterbaters.
I guess they don’t have anything better to do?
Its kind of craziness that the nudests never get fined. They must have a good lobby group?

Anyhow, expect anything up there. If you get naked. Expect the unexpected I guess.
Best to keep to the beach.

Again, its rather odd that the nudests never get tickets.
I’ve seen teenagers get tickets for jumping off the rocks though. And, one time I even saw the NCC give nudests on the same rock a lift to another rock with their beer.
The NCC seems to be afraid of the nudest for some odd reason.
Odd the whole thing is.

avatar Jim August 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm

I’ll agree there. I heard the nudests have a whole club. They even get special privleges at local ottawa pools. Yikes, dont swim there!

I’ve encountered the same. orgies in the forest. No wonder why the masterbaters are out!

Expect the unexpected esp when unclothed. Just an invite.

Its surprising to hear the RCMP is getting naked now as well!

what happend to the red clothing?

avatar Tamy McGregor August 20, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I heard the RCMP was getting in the buff as well to catch the wild times up there.
I guess they don’t have anything better to do with their time?

Its rather surprising that nudists never get ticketed. They are well protected though:

As they belong to this group
its a huge lobby group with lawyers and such that get down to get funky as well.

Its rather surprising when one comes across some of the orgies up there. I even got yelled at one time for not joining in.

Odd the whole thing is.

avatar Chris September 18, 2011 at 7:22 pm

I have heard the RCMP were there in the buff as well. As fir the mill not sure that is legal!! The beach is how ever grandfathered since 1929. A few people got charged 5 years ago and with in hours the charges were drop and they were back at the beach.

What can you do meh I just joined them !!

avatar Bob Taylor September 23, 2011 at 10:29 am

Your article was posted a month ago; today’s Citizen has a story about four nudists being arrested at Meech Lake. One man came from Vancouver, but I suppose the others are local residents. It’s obvious that the authorities don’t like the bad publicity the area has gotten and are ready to crack down. I don’t think there is a “lobby” that can protect these people.

avatar Jack September 26, 2011 at 2:38 pm

I’ve been up there a few times. I never saw anyone cause any trouble. Some people like to swim and bath in the duff. The site is nice, the water is clear, it’s not in public view. All that is needed is some recognition, and signage to warn people who are sensitive to nudity of what they can expect. Perverts and pests should be charged…though many ordinary people like the luxury of having sex in the great outdoors, so some discretion should be taken by the participants, the police and by those who think that having a family outings in deep woods after sunfall is a great idea.

avatar George August 25, 2012 at 3:07 pm

What a waste of taxpayers’ money. RCMP and other police should chase real criminals, like murderers and thieves.

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