Hills’ beloved cat Twiggy passes away


April 8, 2020

About 11 years ago, while my husband and I were on holiday, we heard the news that our chatty cat, Twiglet (aka Twiggy), had escaped from the kennel. We rushed home and started the long, sad process of trying to find our wayward cat who was now roaming the Hills. It was at this point that many of you became part of our story, as we posted daily updates on the Wakefield Folks email chain. 

The people of the Hills were amazing, offering messages of support and helping us to look for her. One poor cat, who bore a striking resemblance to Twiggy and who spent his days hanging out near the General Store, was repeatedly collected by kind passersby and brought triumphantly to our home. But it wasn’t our Twiggy.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. My husband despaired as I continued to post daily requests for people to look out for her. On a few occasions he mentioned, very carefully, to me that perhaps it was time to give up, but I was almost nine months pregnant and any hormonal influence that might have led to nesting was firmly engaged in finding my cat. So we kept looking.

With the end of summer came the arrival of our first born child. Then, when she was 11 days old, the phone rang. There was a cat matching Twiggy’s description. My husband raced out and there she was. He whistled, shook the treats and she came running. Twiggy was home. 

Twiggy had many more adventures. We spoiled her rotten and she became rather rotund. She was amazing with our two children, endlessly patient and gentle. She would stomp about the house, crying to be put into the bath for a drink of fresh water and also bringing us endless ‘treats’ from outside: standard issue mice and rather alarmingly, some flying squirrels and a bat. A live one. 

However, in the past few weeks, she started to decline physically. She was still as sharp as a tack (after all, she had busted out of a kennel!) but she was suffering. So with great sadness, on April 4, we took her to the vet. Dr. Wootton and her staff were amazing, as they cared for her (and for my weeping self) while Twiggy took her last few breaths. I don’t think vets ever get much public credit for the work they do. I want to be sure to thank the team at the Gatineau Hills vet for all the care they gave Twiggy over the years. 

It might seem odd to write an obituary of a cat during these crazy times of COVID-19, but I do so to honour a good cat, to honour a kind vet and her team, and to thank this community for helping us find Twiggy. She was loved fiercely and deeply, and she will be missed. As Dr. Wootton said, “It is the end of an era.” 


Twiggy‘s broken-hearted family lives in Wakefield