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The Low Down
to Hull and Back News

(did you get the pun?)

A feisty little English weekly!


Art and Kitty Mantell started the paper in 1973 on their kitchen table for no better reason than that they loved newspapers. Their daughter, Nikki Mantell, is now at the helm.


 Our staff of 10 is the most dedicated team of newsies you'll ever find.

The Low Down is published 50 times per year on Wednesdays.

Our Team

Nikki Mantell

Nikki Mantell


Hunter Cresswell

Senior Reporter

Hunter Cresswell
Trevor Greenway_edited.jpg

Trevor Greenway

Editor in Chief

Heather Hopewell

Office Manager

Heather Hopewell
A Book_edited.jpg

Marieka Diepenveen

Art Director

Aden Seaton

Advertising Sales Director

Aden Seaton
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