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To place an ad in the Low Down,
call or email Sales Director Aden Seaton:


Ad Pricing

Excluding applicable taxes


Print edition

Click here for our rate card



Banner ads within newsletter: $150 per month


1400 X 600px @ 300dpi* 


*allows for print-ready version; 72dpi will suffice for online only

Text only listing: $5 per week



Landing page top banner ad: $275 per month

Secondary pages top banner ad: $215



980 X 250px @ 300dpi*

Sidebar ads, classifieds page: $115 per month



408 X 800px @300 dpi*

*allows for print-ready version

Classified Ads

(price includes print, digital, online, newsletter)

15 words. Additional text: $0.20 cents per word per week. Add frame: $1.
1 week: $8

2 weeks: $14
3 weeks: $17
4 weeks: $19
1 year: $200


Service ads – Classifieds page

Small: 1.94 inches X 1 inch: $9.50

Large: 1.94 inches X 1.5 inches: $14.25


Newsletter policies

Note that newsletter posts will be edited for spelling and grammar. Avoid using capital letters and exclamation marks.


When you buy:

  • a classified ad in the print edition, you can post a 50-word listing in the newsletter free of charge

  • an extended classified ad in the print edition (20 words or more), you can post a 100-word listing in the newsletter free of charge

  • a display ad in the print edition, you can post a 150-word listing in the newsletter


All newsletter posts are paid except:

  • Lost and found

  • Free items to give away

  • Community discussion


Questions? 819-459-2222 or

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