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An open question to fellow citizens

Dear Editor, I am hoping The Low Down will publish this letter, and given Wakefield's proximity to the national parliament buildings, it might make its way to the floor of the House of Commons. On April 21 the Quebec Premier François Legault stated that of the 1,041 COVID-19 deaths in the province, 850 were in retirement residences and long term care units. On April 22, the Toronto Star reported that of the 659 deaths attributable to COVID-19 in Ontario, 510 occurred in retirement residences and long term care units. In this part of the world, for anyone not living or working in a retirement residence or long term care unit, this flu's epidemiological hazards are comparable to seasonal influenza outbreaks. Why are people who don't live in retirement residences and long term care units, and have no significant health risks, being locked-up? There also needs to be a public inquiry into how the country's administration of public health could have lead to mass geriatric euthanasia, the crippling of our economy and abuse of our collective mental health.

Daniel Mesrobian



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