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Baseball mitts ‘catch’ bottles and cans

By: Stuart Benson

Chelsea Baseball is running a beer can and bottle drive in partnership with Chelsea’s Depanneur M&R to raise funds for the association on July 11.

Organized by Chelsea resident Todd Kuiack, the Chelsea Baseball Bottle Drive is taking place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and aims to raise at least $250 dollars for the association, as well as put a positive focus on Chelsea Baseball during the COVID-19 pause this year.

Some expenses came up, [but] we're not in dire straits or anything like that,” explained Kuiack about the motivations for the drive. “It helps everyone, helps the environment, [and] we need some good community spirit.”

Kuiack got the idea when his friend, Robbie MacNeil, announced he would be moving and had a bunch of beer cans and bottles he needed to get rid of.

“It was a considerable amount, and I thought, ‘If he's got this much, there might be other people with a lot too,’ ” Kuiack explained. “I joked that maybe we’ll do this annually and award a Robbie MacNeil trophy for the person who donates the most.

Kuiack added that, if for some reason a person isn’t able to make it to the M&R on the day of the drive, he or one of the other parents is willing to pick up any donations from homes. If you would like a pick-up, Kuiack said you can contact him through direct message on Facebook or comment on his post in Nice Chelsea Folks.

Bottles and cans can be dropped off at Depanneur M&R, which is located at 152 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, on July 11.


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