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  • Stuart Benson

Bluebarn may close before they open

Wakefield roaster was ready to serve coffee for months

Bluebarn coffee and roastery building in Wakefield has looked ready to start serving coffee for months, and yet its doors remain closed despite, until recently, a lack of take-out coffee in the village. The owner said he’s been ready to open for

months, but the La Pêche municipality wouldn’t give him the go-ahead until this week.

Luc Alary, owner of Bluebarn, said he may have to close up shop at his roastery on 20 Chemin-dela- Vallée-de-Wakefield, leaving the village with an even bigger caffeine void unless the municipality decides to “play fair” and approve his business license with the 18 tables and parking lots he initially applied for.

Luc Alary, owner of Bluebarn coffee in Wakefield, said if the municipality can’t resolve his business license issues soon, he will have to make some very hard decisions about whether it is worth staying in the village. Stuart Benson photo