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  • The Low Down

‘Does anyone in Low care?’

The Editor,

Low’s mayor and council have done it to us again. They have used COVID to keep from being held accountable. And the question period was not permitted at the last public meeting. At Monday’s [Feb. 28] incompetently late budget presentation, citizens were given almost no time to read financial information and then the mayor unfairly shut down a too-short question period.

Huge administration costs have jumped 19 per cent for 2022 — $137,000 (25 per cent) higher than for Kazabazua. Public security costs have risen massively — 180 per cent since 2019.

Public works costs are rising 19 per cent, to almost $1 million.

To hell with cost-of-living limits.

The mayor could not provide the 2021 budget surplus or overtime (huge) data. She finally revealed that the unpaid taxes have reached a record level of $359,000 and blames it on COVID, not poverty.

Four councillors expressed serious concern that they were not given a chance to understand the budget and three of them voted against it.

Councillor Robert reneged on his promise to vote it down and voted yes with the mayor and councillors, McEvoy and Mayer.