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Don’t paint all cyclists

The Editor,

This letter is in response to the article (“Farm Point-ing out trail dangers, Low Down, Aug. 3 edition.)

My spouse and I, in our 60s, recently bought E-bikes, which have rekindled our love for exercise and the great outdoors. We use the Chelsea trail just about every day and feel so lucky to have this in our backyard. I have to say this article upset me, and I felt that it was bound to happen.

Just like the fight against the trail in the first place, the privacy issues, then its width, then its thickness, then the material, etc. Concerning speeding and seeing the children on the tracks, my hubby and I would have slowed down to almost a complete stop. We do it for walkers, dogs, and bikes. I do not want to be painted with the same brush as other cyclists and am concerned this is what’s going to happen here.

It is natural there will be complaints as this is a new path. I think everyone needs to cool down and adjust. It is not an excuse for ignorant people, but please do not blow this out of proportion. If you go on any trail in Ottawa or surrounding areas, cyclists are moving at the speed limit, and everyone manages to get along. We respect the speed limit and slow down at all crossroads. We see the signs; we know where the roads cross.

I am not sure if fancier, bigger signs will make a difference. Those people who break the rules choose not to see the signs. My point is, do we really need to spend more money on unsightly signage and barricades in our beautiful spot along the river? We have already outshined any bike path I have seen in Ottawa. We are ridiculously signed to death already between the “dogs on leash,” speed limits, “shhh,” crossings and copious amounts of “no trespassing” signs and every glance. Our path is perfect.

Linda Burton

Chelsea, QC

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