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Fall colours the only sign of diversity in Chelsea

The Editor,

Having recently returned to Chelsea after a six-year hiatus. Whilst away, living between the culturally and socially-economic diverse hoods of Wrightville (Hull) and the Mile End (Montreal), I was dismayed to find that the only diversity in Chelsea is still limited to the fall colours of the beautiful Gatineau Park.

I was somewhat naively hopeful that the suburban sprawl in the south of Chelsea would encourage more cultural diversity and awaken a broader sense of community awareness and social responsibility towards the less fortunate.

Also, I am mildly crestfallen that our infamously mouldy Meredith centre arena has yet to produce an NHL star, world-class curler, figure or speed skater. One would have expected much more from our performance-obsessed tribe (see the percentage of world-class athletes hiding out in our sleepy hollow).

Let’s admit, we solipsistic capitalists in the Hills expect a juicy return on our investments, because how else could we afford our Teslas, German cars, carbon bikes and skis, municipal taxes and dock fees? Last count, the arena has cost us more than how many millions, with the original promises of profits still floating in the ether? (i.e. the organic compound and not the virtual gas powering the Ethereum blockchain). Have your investment advisor do the math on which ether was a better investment.

Now there is talk of a $13 million swimming pool and the ever-ballooning costs of our multi-million dollar bike path along the Gatineau River.

To quote my 12-year-old daughter, “I find it’s kind of self-absorbed to be talking about a swimming pool and a bike path when immigrants and refugees are coming from other countries and are just looking for a decent, affordable place to live. But Chelsea is spending millions of dollars on leisure activities. We could be building low-cost housing for them.” Cursed be the informed youth of today mucking about in our monochromatic dreams of comfort and leisure!

Nonetheless, it’s good to be back in my Burnet shire, where time stands still and I can dream of living forever.

Jacques Legault

Chelsea, QC


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