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‘Fireworks’ in Farrellton

The Editor,

I want to highlight an incident that happened in Farrellton on Sunday evening, May 17.

At 8:36 p.m. a large branch from a very dry, dead tree near the corner of Newcommon and Hendrick (near the bridge) fell across the power line, popping the adjacent transformer and igniting itself right through its core, cascading sparks into the ditch. We all came out to locate the ‘bang’ and watch the fireworks.

The nearest owner called the fire service who arrived within a few minutes, did a quick assessment and contacted Hydro. They arrived, and the combined team quickly and efficiently cut power, removed the branch, drenched the tree and surrounding area, and reconnected the line.

All this provided excitement and amusement to us poor, isolated, bored Farrelltonians. By 11:12 p.m. power was restored and we could go back to our streaming. Bravo volunteer fire brigade and Hydro-Quebec!

David Park

Farrellton, QC


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