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  • Stuart Benson

Gas leak forces evacuation of Chelsea Elementary and homes

Stuart Benson photo
Stuart Benson photo

Chelsea firefighters and paramedics cleared Chelsea Elementary and treated four staff and one student for nausea after staff reported the smell of gas and evacuated the school on Sept. 15.

By Stuart Benson

A gas leak at the Quartier Meredith housing development in Chelsea caused a temporary evacuation of Chelsea Elementary School on Sept. 15, after staff reported the smell of gas and reported it to the police.

According to Sgt. Martin Fournel, spokesperson for MRC des Collines Police, the leak was reported at around 9:45 a.m. Sept. 15 and staff and students were outside for less than an hour before it was determined that the leak was not originating from the school property, but had been caused by an excavator puncturing a natural gas line at a nearby construction site.