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  • Stuart Benson

Homeschooling in the Hills

Help for those thinking about keeping their child home this fall

By Stuart Benson

When the province announced in June that students preschool to Grade 9 would be heading back to class in September in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Stephanie Sewell began to notice an uptick in interest in homeschooling children.

“Every time I check in on one of the homeschooling Facebook groups, there's another three or four people who are newbies,” Sewell said. “There’s definitely a lot of interest.”

Sewell, who is the conductor and founder of the Chelsea Youth Choir, coordinated the Chelsea Homeschooling Co-op, and chaired the Board of Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning, consults and coaches families seeking guidance and support for their child’s education, including strategies for success in homeschooling.

"The most important thing, I believe, is the notion of de-schooling,” Sewell said. “This is the term I use t