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  • Hunter Cresswell

Kaz traffic holds up fire trucks

Melanie Irwin has fought fires in Kazabazua and nearby municipalities for 20 years and still can’t wrap her head around a phenomenon she faces during most calls: people don’t pull over to allow fire trucks past.

Two calls on April 30 were too much for her and she posted a video, which she filmed on her phone while riding shotgun in a fire truck. The video shows Hwy 105 drivers ignoring the gigantic red truck riding their tail with lights on and sirens wailing.

“It’s like that on every call,” Irwin said.

A brush burn that got out of control destroyed this Danford Lake cottage on April 30. Photo courtesy Melanie Irwin

In the early afternoon, she hopped into the passenger seat of the Kazabazua Volunteer Fire Department fire truck, which was loaded with 3,000 gallons of water, to respond to a brush fire on Chemin Jeannine. The traffic on Hwy 105 in either direction didn’t yield to the truck she was in. Luckily, she said, no structures were destroyed or people were hurt while putting out that fire.