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Leave quarry alone

The Editor,

I was surprised to read in The Low Down that the mayor thinks turning the Déry quarry into a residential zone would benefit its neighbours. (“Mayor: Residential quarry would benefit neighbours,” June 9 edition).

Apparently the mayor said, "The municipality believes converting the extraction zone into a residential zone will be highly beneficial to the surrounding community — eliminating noise, dust, and truck traffic issues." The reason I was surprised is because I have a letter from the municipality dated Nov. 9, 2020 explaining that its contractor in charge of the repair work on chemin du Lac-Meech has reached an agreement with the Déry quarry for the preparation and supply of the materials needed to complete this project. In other words, the municipality is responsible for the “noise, dust, and truck traffic issues”!

Ms. mayor, there is a third option that I beg you to consider: the municipality stops using the quarry, lets it return to being inactive, and does not rezone it for a major development that would change the character of this beloved little village forever.

Andrea Rowe

Farm Point, QC

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