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Mystery of the Creek’s cube

By Hunter Cresswell

When this rendition of what the Chelsea Creek development’s second phase could look like was printed on the front page of The Low Down’s Dec. 11 edition, people seemed mostly focused on the mystery of the semi-transparent, grey cuboid on the left.

When the photo was posted on The Low Down’s Facebook page, people joked with Mean Chelsea Folks admin and musician Joshua Dolgin, asking if it’s the “much-awaited Chelsea Acquarium [sic].” Other Facebook users joined in on the fun by saying that they think it looks more like an aviary.

Well, sorry to disappoint fish and bird-loving readers, but that’s not what the grey cube is.

Multivesco Inc. CEO François Juneau confirmed last week that the shape included in the architect’s depiction of Phase Two of the company’s housing development is nothing more than a placeholder, as far as he knows.

“We cannot plan for something we don’t own,” he said, revealing that this corner of the map is not part of the Chelsea Creek property.

Some sleuthing revealed that the property is now owned by neighbouring business people. According to Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais physician Trevor Hennessey, the property is owned by himself, Centre dentaire Chelsea dentists Ha Minh Ky Nguyen and Renée-Sophie Melançon, and Proxim pharmacist Isabelle Ménard.

“The empty lot was zoned for another commercial structure but they had no interest in developing the property. I, as a physician and Chelsea resident, know the need we have for local medical services. I have been involved over the past nine years with varying studies and projects to bring a medical clinic to Chelsea. I am not a developer, but when the opportunity arose I took a leap of faith that something interesting could be done and, ‘put my money where my mouth is.’ I have purchased the empty property from them with the goal of bringing a medical clinic to Chelsea along with associated medical and related services,” Hennessey wrote in an email.

He said the location is perfect for a health services centre since it will soon have more people living in proximity to it with the development of the second phase of the Chelsea Creek project, and its proximity to other health services such as the pharmacy, dental clinic, and more within walking distance.

“The project is in an early stage. A request for the subdivision has been submitted to the municipality. I have met and am meeting with interested doctors and will do everything in my power to bring these new services for the population of Chelsea. In an ideal world, I would hope to have something built for 2021 but with the uncertainty of COVID19 some delays may be inevitable,” Hennessey wrote.

Those interested in investing, renting, or purchasing space in the health centre can reach Hennessey at


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