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‘Neither snow nor rain not heat…’

The Editor,

The other day I was putting out our green garbage bin and bringing it to the road when I heard the familiar sound from the air brakes and clanging of the garbage truck turning the corner and heading up my street. I waited for the ‘guys’, as I sometimes did, and greeted them with a "good morning guys." I had spoken quite often to one particular fellow. I asked him that morning: "Do people treat you guys well?”

“Not really,” he answered. “They seem to treat us as garbage, just because we are the garbage men.”

“Do they ever say “Hello” or “Thank you”?

“No one except you!”

I was taken back by his answers. … These guys pick up garbage in the rain, in the snow, in a snowstorm, in sleet, in wicked weather not fit for man or beast. I remembered the saying of the [U.S.] post office that said: "Neither snow nor rain, etc.” and to believe that people don't even say “Thank you” to these guys — in this summer during the hot spell!

I remember dragging my smelly garbage bin to the road and could hardly stand the stench and then remembered the garbage men do this — not only at my driveway, but probably 400-500 houses [each] day!

My point — we the people of La Pêche need to change our ways and realize what a gift we have in this garbage team. I believe in this old saying: "Give credit where credit is due.” In my estimation these guys deserve a lot of credit from all of us. They serve us without complaining and all they want is a little "Thank you.” … Mr. Fleury and his team deserve a big “Thank you” for the awesome job they do each and every week!

Bob Burgess

Masham, QC

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