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No ‘Victoria Day’ in Quebec

The Editor,

In your recent articles about Bill 96, you refer to the “Victoria Day long weekend.” “Victoria Day” would be appropriate for a local newspaper in Ontario.

However, in Quebec, there is no holiday called “Victoria Day”; in this province, May 23 is National Patriots’ Day (Journée nationale des Patriotes).

In Ontario, regardless of what language you speak the holiday is the same, known as “Victoria Day” or “Fête de la Reine”.

Should the same principle not also apply the other way around to Quebec, the province in which The Low Down is based?

It is not unreasonable to expect that you use the correct nomenclature based on the province in which you are located.

What does the use of “Victoria Day” reveal about The Low Down’s orientation – or lack thereof – towards Quebec?

While I don’t think there is anything intentional in your mistake, I would hope that in the future, you are more cognizant of speaking from a perspective that is situated within Quebec.

Sacha Victor

Chelsea, QC


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