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  • Stuart Benson

Outdated bylaw more of a ‘nuisance’ than tall grass

By: Stuart Benson

When Samuel Cloutier and Jazmine Maisonneuve built a new workshop on their property at 57 Rue Principale in Masham, they chose to forego a traditional lawn on their property and instead decided to sow wildflowers for a more natural meadow. Last summer, the couple was informed by the La Pêche municipality that the vegetation violated a rarely used bylaw mandating how long your lawn can grow and could face a $400 fine, though the fine was never officially applied.

One year later, the couple is once again facing a $400 fine if they refuse to mow their lawn.

“We believe one of our neighbours lodged a complaint,” Maisonneuve said, though she could only speculate as to whom might have taken issue with the meadow. Maisonneuve also pointed out that, while all of her neighbours’ well-trimmed lawns are currently brown and scorched from the heat, her meadow is green and thriving.

“There's a huge ec