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  • Nikki Mantell

Prince Philip was here too

“All hailed the Queen, Wakefield: Oct. 16, 1977”

That was our huge front page headline of that week, the entire page dedicated to a photo of Queen Elizabeth II being greeted by then Mayor Cleo Fournier at the train turntable.

Four pages of photos and stories told all the details of the royal visit to the village - it was a husband-and-wife team effort (the paper’s entire staff), my father took a slew of photos, my mother did all the writing – and yet the Duke of Edinburgh was mentioned by name only once, with just one grainy photo of the handsome husband in the background of a crowd shot.

The late Prince Philip had many strengths, and perhaps his greatest was being a supportive husband to the most powerful woman in the world. And, as the world mourns his loss this week, we thought we’d treat readers to a flashback of that historic day. The following is just one of the many pieces in that edition by then-editor Kitty Mantell (cleaned up for our infamous typos), who was lucky enough to ride the train with royalty.