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Reconciliation requires more than a ‘thumbs-up’

The Editor,

In light of recent events in Kamloops, BC, and our Nation’s horrific past with residential schools, I would like to call out to our community.

So many are changing their Facebook photo frames to show solidarity and mourning. So many are wearing orange ribbons and shirts, planning vigils. This is a wonderful show of support and the intent is truly heartfelt. However, what else are you doing?

I am frustrated with an age of online petitions, Facebook photo frames, and emails. These methods get lost and have little impact. It makes you feel like you have done something meaningful, but have you really? So many are quick to join a protest or rally downtown or in the streets. Perhaps this is to be seen making a difference as an advocate, but how much change have you really made? Showing support and solidarity is the first step.

Our federal government and the Catholic Church must be held accountable for their actions. Our government has begun this process, it will be a long road and can never change the past.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church refuses to acknowledge or apologize for their past actions. They have devastated the world with their self-imposed, spiritual superiority and called it missionary work.

The people of the world demanded that Nazis be brought to justice, and Germany is still racing to convict former aged Nazis. When is the Catholic Church going to be brought to justice? Why are they above the law? Why are they not being held accountable by the people?

I challenge all of you to write hand-written letters to your MP demanding forensic archeology investigations at every residential school site, and to demand that the Catholic Church accepts responsibility.

I challenge all of you to write a hand-written letter to the Apostolic Nunciature in Canada and even the Vatican to demand acknowledgment, apology, and justice.

None of this will change the past of how our First Nations have been treated. Reconciliation is a long road, but it needs to start somewhere.

There are 215 dead children. There were many more. These were our children.

Now do something meaningful instead of hitting the ‘thumbs-up’ button.

Tina Eckerlin

Lac des Loups, QC


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