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Saving Hundred Acre Wood in Wakefield

The Hundred Acre Wood in A.A. Milne’s classic Winnie-the-Pooh series is a mystical, magical place: a home for animal friends, and a place for exploration and wonder. The Hundred Acre Wood on the border of Wakefield is a similarly important place, adding to our tranquil village feeling and contributing to residents’ health, well-being, and quality of life.

The Hundred Acre Wood will become ever more important as the Outaouais continues to develop and natural spaces continue to disappear. Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE) is supporting a community conservation initiative on the Minnes Farm to protect the forest, wetlands, and wildlife of the Hundred Acre Wood, now and forever.

Passionate citizens of Wakefield, in partnership with ACRE, are seeking pledges and grants now to determine if together we can save the Hundred Acre Wood. Of course, Wakefield has a long track record of volunteering and community activism: protecting the Gatineau from a septic treatment plant, monitoring the Wakefield Spring to keep fresh water flowing, building a vibrant community centre and library, preserving Fairbairn House, building trails, restoring the iconic covered bridge, and raising the funds for a beautiful new boardwalk. These, and countless other projects, were initiated and led by fellow citizens who know “it takes a village” to take a stand for what we care about.

The conservation of the Hundred Acre Wood is supported by local residents, Mayor Guillaume Lamoureux, our federal MP, Will Amos, Gatineau Park, Sentiers Wakefield Trails, Eco Echo, and many others.

Twelve years ago, our community came together to ensure that the Minnes Farm was not expropriated for industrial development. Dedicated friends and neighbors attended council meetings, petitioned, and promoted the protection of open space for the health and well-being of nature and wild animals. Christopher Minnes continues to steward these lands, teaming up with Trees Canada last spring to plant 20,000 trees, and supporting the environmental education programs at Eco Echo since 2008. The Hundred Acre Wood is an important place for conservation; it has been identified as an important ecological corridor by Gatineau Park.

Saving the Hundred Acre Wood will ensure that there will always be a home for nature. Our children and their children will be grateful for the Wise Old Owl choices we’re making now.

Please join us by investing in our green future by protecting Wakefield’s Hundred Acre Wood. For more information, and to learn about the current status of fundraising, visit

or email

Olaf Jensen is a member of Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE), and lives in Chelsea


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