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  • Hunter Cresswell

Schools to start reopening May 11

Press release from the government of Québec:

As of May 11, preschools and elementary schools will be progressively reopened to students in all regions of Québec, with the exception of schools located in the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (Montréal metropolitan community). Those located in the Montréal metropolitan community will reopen on May 19, based on the schedule for the reopening of schools. Secondary schools will remain closed until September 2020. However, distance learning will continue to be offered with improved pedagogical support. All school personnel must return to a full-time work schedule starting May 4. School daycare services

Emergency daycare services, reserved for the children of workers in the health and social services sectors and in essential services, will remain open until May 8, inclusive (until May 15, inclusive, for the Montréal metropolitan community, if the health situation allows it). School personnel will have access to emergency daycare services. School daycare services will resume regular operations starting on May 11 in every school for students enrolled in that school. However, in the Montréal metropolitan community, school daycare services will be restricted to the children of workers in the health and social services sectors and in essential services until May 15, inclusive. Preschool and elementary school

A return to school is not compulsory. Parents who believe the best option is to have their children continue their learning from home will be provided with pedagogical support from a distance. The parents’ decision on whether or not to send their children to school must be communicated to the schools and cannot be changed for the remainder of the school year, barring exceptional circumstances that may arise before the end of June, in order to enable schools to organize pedagogical support and school transportation services. Students, teachers and school staff will be able to collect their personal effects and school materials starting April 27, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the public health authority. Educational resources