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They shot a movie once…in my hometown

By Arty Sarkisian

If you think Wakefield is too small for a murder mystery, think again.

When Susan Davrow returned to her Riverside Drive home, her husband, Cliff Davrow, wouldn’t let her inside. 

He told her that something horrible had happened in the house. 

And then… “Cut! Let’s do it again.”

Steve Boisvert sits in his producer chair as his film crews get ready to shoot a scene in Les Trois Erables in Wakefield. Photo: courtesy Steve Boisvert

For four days, Wakefield became a set of a murder mystery movie. 

“When I was developing that script, I immediately thought of Wakefield,” said Chelsea’s Steve Boisvert, the producer of the movie, which has a working title,”My Mother Stole My Life.” 

The film is based on a true story and was shot at several locations around the village, including the former Café Pot-Au-Feu, Trois Érables and near Kaffé 1870. 

It's a 90-minute movie, filming in 12 days, so the set is an “organized chaos,” said Emma Sutherland, first assistant director.

“That is not a lot of time to make a feature film,” Sutherland said. "There are a lot of bits and pieces to coordinate faster than you would on other shows.”

 But even with that, they had the time to introduce Low Down to the crew.

“Just a reminder, everyone, we have a local newspaper here, so watch your fu**ing mouths,” said Sutherland laughing.

Boisvert lives in Chelsea, and every weekend he comes to Wakefield on his boat to have a drink at Kaffé 1870 and have dinner at The Village House. He’s been shooting movies for the past 22 years. About 20 years ago, when Boisvert lived on Kingsmere Road in Chelsea, he would park his fake police cars that were used in his movies on the side of the road so that people would slow down on Kingsmere.

“But the police asked me to move it so that they could park there from time to time and actually catch people,” said Boisvert. The director of this movie is his sister, Roxanne Boisvert, who, as her peers say is “chronically busy.”

“It’s like a high school here,” said Roxanne, during the shooting of a scene.

The film, by Reel One Production, is expected to appear on the American network, Lifetime and the French network, TF1 on Oct. 25 this year. 


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