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Worst jokes make best stocking stuffers

What do you get when your local paper and high school collaborate on publishing a joke book?

A FUN-draiser!

We can hear you groaning.

But you can start chuckling because the Low Down – in collaboration with St. Michael’s High School in Low – has put out a new “Worst Joke of the Week” book for your sometimes off-colour reading pleasure.

The worst jokes of the week, just like the hilarious one above, have graced the front page of the Low Down since its inception in 1973. Inspiring giggles and a few eyerolls, the jokes are a tradition with the paper and have always provided readers with a little, much-needed comic relief. The new joke book is rolling off the press, just in time for Christmas.

“We are turning 50 next year and that actually is a laughing matter,” said Low Down publisher Nikki Mantell, adding that the book is one of the ways the paper will mark the milestone.

She said she has fond memories of working together with her dad, Low Down co-founder Art Mantell, creating the first joke book, the “Low Down Worst Jokes of the Millennium,” published in 1998. Mantell said she can appreciate how much work was involved in the new book, as St. Mike’s students produced illustrations to accompany many of the jokes and helped design and compile the book, cover to cover, with teacher Geneviève Cloutier heading the project.

“St. Mike’s is kind of like the Low Down – the little country school that could – and we’re really proud of the work the kids and their teachers put into this book,” added Mantell.

The new joke collection is the brainchild of Low Down general manager Heather Hopewell. Hopewell's kids attend the Low high school and she quickly realized that the school's art department could use some financial support.

Hopewell proposed that the Low Down partner with St. Mike’s to create the joke book as a fundraiser for the school.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for the students and it generated excellent discussions,” said Cloutier. Quinn, a new student in Grade 10, volunteered to design the cover page and, “displayed so much professionalism, taking and integrating feedback and implementing an incredible and conceptually playful design,” she explained.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to fundraise for our amazing and talented students!” Cloutier commented.

Proceeds from book sales will go to the school until Aug. 31, 2023. The sales goal is 1,000 books with a potential for a much-needed infusion of $16,000 into St. Mike’s visual art department.

There are more than a thousand jokes in this second edition joke book, the long-awaited follow-up to the first edition, “The Worst Jokes of the Millennium”.

The jokes are collected from the last 25 years of Low Down editions. There are one-liners, knock-knock jokes and, as is the case with anything going back a couple of decades, some dated jokes that may not pass the test of time.

Joke books can be purchased for $20 at the Magasin General Store La Pêche in Lascelles, the Wakefield Express in Wakefield, the Depanneur Belisle in Low and of course the Low Down office in Wakefield. There will also be copies available at the Low Down booth during the Wakefield Christmas Market on Dec. 10. And through St. Mike’s by emailing their home and school association at

So, laugh along with us, while supporting a great cause. And of course, keep sending us your worst jokes for publication as the Low Down tradition lives on!

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